The funding for Oasis Antrim ran out in December 2023. The demand for Antrim Foodbank continues regardless, as will the work we do to help build a #HungerFreeFuture


Antrim Foodbank continues to help build a #HungerFreeFuture

2nd January 2024

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release

As reported by the Antrim Guardian (4 January 2024), the funding for the host project of Antrim Foodbank, Oasis Antrim Community Support Hub, ran out in December 2023.  The vital work of Antrim Foodbank is thankfully unaffected.

Fionnuala O’Donnell, Manager at Antrim Foodbank, said:

The untimely closure of the Oasis Antrim project is reflective of the challenges facing the third sector. The demand for Antrim Foodbank continues regardless, as will the work we do in providing essential support to people in crisis in our Town.


We are immensely grateful for the ongoing support from the community, a support that has been unwavering since we first opened in 2015. Our volunteers will continue to work tirelessly to support that community and build a hunger free future.

Last winter, Antrim Foodbank provided almost 1,600 emergency parcels to people within the local community. Beyond food, volunteers also provide countless hours of compassion, guidance, and expert support to people with nowhere else to turn.

Sessions are now operating 5 days a week across the Town, including Monday evenings to cater for people working during the day. Full details are available on their website at

You can help support Antrim Foodbank by donating food, time, and money. Find out more at

Together, we’ll continue to help build a #HungerFreeFuture



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